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Temporary Tattoos The New Fashion Accessory

Temporary Tattoos may have started out as a bit of a fad when they were given away in a packet of chips or bubblegum. However, over time they have evolved and have now become a full blown fashion accessory. They find the greatest popularity amongst teenagers and adults but their popularity does not end there. Many adults are also enjoying wearing them at parties, hens and stag nights, weddings and more.

What types of Temporary Tattoos are there?

Several types of removable tattoos exist. One of the most common types is a waterslide decal. In the US tens of millions of waterslide decals are manufactured every day and shipped all over the world. The designs on these can vary greatly in range. Common children's designs can include animals, fairies or butterflies. More popular among the teenage group are tribal patterns, glitter tattoos and decorative designs. Additionally, many companies use temporary tattoos as promotional items. For these tattoos a company design or slogan is imprinted on the tattoo. It is then usual to give the tattoos away as gifts at a promotional event or in promotional packs. Some other types of tattoos include Henna and Mehindi Tattoos.

How safe is a temporary tattoos?

Waterslide tattoos have been approved by the FDA and are considered to be extremely safe. If in doubt you can check the back of the tattoo for safety instructions or ask a supplier.

How long will a tattoo last?

Your first experiences with a fake tattoo may have been a long time ago when they were a vastly different quality. The original type often didn't apply to the skin well and easily flaked off. Now a days, tattoos are high quality and can produce bold, full colour designs on the skin which last up to several weeks.

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