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Modern Tattoos - The Quest For Deeper Meaning

It is about time these cultural vampires in the mainstream media woke up to the fact that tattoos are not some passing fad. Admittedly tattoos have been getting a fair bit of press lately in part driven by high profile celebrities flashing their ink in public. Or shows such Miami Ink with their carefully chosen tattoo artists making the whole tattooing process look like some kind of modern alchemy much the same way that thousands of wannabes wanted to become DJ's in the late 1990's when the DJ was revered as some kind of shaman.

I believe this is only part of the story. I would venture to say that the main reason for the massive increase in people wanting tattoos goes much deeper. Believe or not the vast majority of people get tattoos not in some vain attempt to be part of the crowd or cool but because part of them recognizes the deeper significance of tattoos and need for something beyond the mundane. To the tired and cynical hack this hunger for meaning is completely lost on them. Possibly because they cannot see beyond the vacuous consumer driven culture they are trapped in.

They fear anyone who is not part of their mindless consumerist culture. Fear is what it really is no matter how subtle its disguise. It shines through in everything they write from the cliche ridden nonsense disguised as journalism in the culture section of mainstream newspapers to the ultra conservative fundamentalists who warn of the evils and regrets of those who get tattoos. To them anyone who steps outside this mass hallucination known as consensus reality is immediately singled out from the herd and subject to ridicule.

It is the same form of mind control which brainwashes kids into accepting everything they are taught in school and told never to question authority or the massive lies which pass as history. No wonder people grow up to be mindless sheep when they are indoctrinated from such an early age. History really has become a set of lies agreed upon to keep people in their places and maintain the status quo.

The funny thing is that once you step outside consensus reality you begin to see how shaky the ground is upon which their spectacular lies are built. The people who are controlling the instruments of power such as the mainstream media know this and this is the reason why they use ridicule to suppress anyone who dares to challenge the official set of lies.

Getting tattoos used to be a form of rebellion. In many ways it still is to people who feel as though they are constantly bombarded with advertisements for designer labels and sucked into believing they need this or that to make their lives more meaningful. Well guess what? We have had consumerist culture shoved in our faces since the 1940's and it still hasn't made us any happier as human beings.


The Tao of Tattoos

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