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Hot Celebrity Tattoos 2011

RihannaThose who wear a body art designs know that it is important to find out more of your option before taking a plunge into this pretty painful beauty session. The hot celebrity tattoos 2011 will provide you with loads of inspiration when it comes of choosing from the infinite array of images and symbols used in our times. Skim through the most visionary tattoos of these famous personalities and see which one seems to meet your criteria of the dream body art design.

Finding your dream tattoo design that would mirror your personality as well as an important part of your life is a real challenge. Some might take a plunge and make a spontaneous choice which they might regret later on. However as this is a pretty long term decision make sure you have seen all the cool galleries that line up a multitude of tattoo designs. Thee hot celebrity tattoos 2011 will also furnish you with a selection of images you can choose your favorite design from and either draw some inspiration and design your own tattoo or you can simply copycat them depending on your preferences. Take a closer peek to see how celebs decorate their skin with the coolest tattoo designs of the moment.

Ashlee Simpson

Though this is not a recent tattoo it is one of the most beloved ones by the fans as well as body art junkies. Ashlee Simpson wears this peony on her left wrist. Besides this tattoo she also has a peace sign on her right middle finger as well as a star inside her left wrist and a LOVE on the inside of her right wrist. This stylish floral tattoo looks perfect paired to her Rock glam outfits and makes it the best statement accessory she could sport to boost the prominence of her look. She claims however that there's no symbolic meaning attached to this designs instead she only wished for it and she has it.

Cheryl Cole lower back tattoo

Cheryl Cole

The brand new tattoo on the back of the X Factor judge keeps fans and the media on their toes as they couldn't get a full picture of it. The young singer claims that the tattoo has a persona essence and meaning to her and took no less than 11 hours to complete it, as well as weeks to come up with the idea of it. Cheryl Cole claimed to The Mirror that the tattoo ““It has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a fresh start and my new independence." We're looking forward to the brand new tattoo ideas of the 27 years old singer who is an important and favorite style inspiration for millions.

Rihanna motto tattoo


One of the most meaningful tattoos of the young diva is actually a motto of her life. The words on her chest are: Never a failure, always a lesson and are written in reverse and shell be able to read it properly standing in front of a mirror. This statement is a clear reference to the unfortunate events that happened to Rihanna in the past years. This should serve also as a lesson to others that's why she wear these words on a pretty visible place.

Victoria Beckham neck tattoo

Victoria Beckham

The style icon ex-Spice Girls and promising designer, Victoria Beckham shares the passion of her hubbie for the stylish body art designs. Besides the five stars she has at the bottom of her back, symbolizing the members of her family which should be soon completed with another one, she also decided to confess her love for David with a Hebrew tattoo that says “I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine”. This is indeed a clear warning for those who might lay their eyes on the daytime soccer players, nighttime daddy and beloved husband, David Beckham. Posh is one of the most inspiring divas who knows how to make a statement both with her outfits as well as body art designs.

Rumer Willis rib tattoo

Rumer Willis

The 20 year old celebrity kid managed to mesmerize the world with her stylish appearance on the red carpet, also flashing her subtle and elegant tattoo that says :”Be Present”. Besides this fab tattoo she also prides herself with wearing a star on her left hand as well as a swallow on her shoulder. This tattoo designs written over her rib cage allows her to add some sex-appeal to her formal looks.


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