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Tattoo Meanings: Animals

Before you make a decision to get a certain animal tattooed on your body, you might want to know what specific animals symbolize. Tattoos are permanent, and jumping in with your eyes closed might well be something you live to regret, so take a few minutes to read up on what these animal tattoos really mean. Before you decide on any tattoo, make sure itís not an inaccurate representation of your personality.

One of the most popular animal tattoos is the tiger. Although the lion if often assumed to be the king of the jungle, many experts believe that, due to its great agility, a tiger would actually win in a battle. Therefore, the most obvious meanings of a tiger tattoo are dominance, strength, and fearlessness, making it a favorite among martial artists. They can also be used to symbolize royalty.

In certain cultures, the dog is seen as a divine creature, so a dog tattoo could be used to represent your devotion to a religion. Since dogs are the most beloved pets on the planet, many people decide to get a dog tattoo in the exact likeness of a loyal and cherished pet who has passed away. This is common among firemen and police officers, as their Dalmatians and German Shepards are viewed as equal co-workers who risk their lives answering the call of duty.

The meaning of a horse tattoo depends largely on its color. A dark horse may represent a contrary or rebellious nature, while a white horse represents chaste purity. Women (and some men) often take the white horse tattoo to a new level by making it a unicorn. The horse tattoo can also represent lust and intelligence.

Another hugely popular animal tattoo is the wolf. In many cultures, the symbol of the wolf carries a negative connotation, but certain societies hold the wolf in the highest esteem. For example, Native Americans view the wolf as a positive spiritual being and will often treat the animal and the symbol with great reverence. The wolf tattoo can also be used to symbolize the personality of a loner Ė someone who is comfortable keeping their own company and is mostly unconcerned with the opinions of others. While itís true that some wolves behave like this, itís important to note that most wolves are sociable and travel in packs.

Though many people assume a snake represents dishonesty or corruption, the truth is that snakes are held in high regard by many cultures of the world. While a snake tattoo can certainly be used to represent a deadly disposition, it can also symbolize wisdom and medicine.

Since itís the national bird, eagle tattoos are especially popular in America, particularly among past and current members of the armed services. The most common meaning of the eagle for Americans is freedom, although it can also be used to represent the sun or Zeus.

A Phoenix tattoo is most often used to represent rebirth. The Phoenix rose from the ashes to victory, and many people use this to symbolize their own triumph over adversity. Itís also a popular symbol to the Native Americans, who call it a Thunderbird.


Author: Vicky, writer for Pet-Super-Store that sells shock collars and dog beds.

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