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Top Tattoo Mistakes - What NOT To Do

When getting a new tattoo one wants it to be the best tattoo they can get. We all want a new tattoo to be a reflection of who we are to the world and display an important person or time period in a person’s life. Unfortunately many people do not consider the most important factors when getting a new tattoo. This is a compiled list to help the inexperienced tattoo enthusiast pick the tattoo they want and avoid the top tattoo mistakes that are most common. Most people regret the first tattoo they get because they did not take the time to thoroughly reflect and think about what they want to get. Hopefully this list will help shed light on some of the most common things to avoid. By taking these precautions and taking these simple things into consideration one can avoid the top tattoo mistakes and will be aware of what not to do when getting a new tattoo.

Top Tattoo Mistakes:

Being Impulsive: Tattoos done in the spur of the moment are usually the ones that get covered up or removed first. A tattoo is a reflect of a persons personality and one of the top tattoo mistakes it not taking the time to think and reflect on the size, type, placement, coloring, meaning, and importance of the tattoo one is thinking of getting. Making impulsive decisions with something as permanent as tattoos is never a good idea. It’s better to think about it a little bit before undergoing the needle instead of having to live with the pain of regret or removal surgery.

Size of Tattoo: While this seems obvious most people do not consider the size of their piece in regards to where the tattoo will be placed. One does not want to get a tattoo that is too small in an area that is too big. One of the biggest tattoo mistakes is that people do not take the size and placement into consideration which usually leads to touch ups or even cover up tattoos. By considering the size one can come up with a proportional and beautiful design to carry along for a lifetime. Many newbies underestimate the size of the tattoo they want by being more conservative and then regret not getting something bigger.

Cost of Tattoo: The cost of a tattoo is something that everyone considers before going in to get some ink done. The problem is that most people also consider this factor before looking into the parlor’s and artists’ reputation which leads to another one of the top tattoo mistakes. As the famous Kat Von D says “Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. Far too many times, people choose an artist based on price. That should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting a tattoo." By concentrating on the cost instead of focusing on the quality and the reputation of the artist one can put their health at risk and also walk away with a tattoo in need of laser removal.

Ode to Lover: No matter how much you love your partner the statistics show that most “ode to love” inspired tattoos, unfortunately, live longer than the relationships that inspired them. This is one of the most common and most covered up of the top tattoo mistakes. Since there are so many designs possible one could tattoo a design that represents the love and devotion one has for their partner but without explicit reference to them. That way if the relationship doesn’t last at least you will still be wearing an awesome tattoo inspired by something beautiful.

Drunk Tattoos: This is by far one of the dumbest and biggest tattoo mistake known to the tattoo industry. Being drunk lowers your inhibitions and increases the chances that you’ll do something impulsive and stupid. As mentioned earlier, impulsive tattoos are most likely going to be regretted later since they have not been thoroughly considered and may not have any special or sentimental meaning. One should not randomly pick and choose little cartoon characters to get inked on a whim, one should take their body art and ink seriously.

Too Many Tattoos: There is no real such thing as too many tattoos but one should pace themselves on how many and what kind of tattoos one gets. Simply cluttering a bunch of random tattoos takes away from the beauty of tattooing as an art form. Many new tattoo enthusiasts qualify for making this top tattoo mistake because they get so excited about getting new ink that they over look some of the most important factors. Getting too many tattoos without rhyme or reason will clutter the canvas and will distract people from seeing each piece individually and will end up making them look like a big mess rather than a distinct and unique piece of art.

Hopefully this article helped you avoid some of the top tattoo mistakes seen in the industry. By taking the time to carefully reflect on the new ink one wants they can avoid future complications. Always think long and hard before getting new ink and always try to avoid the top tattoo mistakes seen time and time again in the industry.


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