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3 Things To Know About Kanji Tattoo Designs

More and more tattoo enthusiasts are choosing Kanji tattoo designs because thereís a certain mystery to them. Even if you donít really understand the meaning of these Japanese characters, the appearance and brushstrokes of Kanji designs will surely catch your attention.

But despite the growing popularity of this design, there are still some people who continue to misuse the symbols because of ignorance or lack of interest. Getting a Kanji tattoo without knowing the meaning often leads to embarrassment and regret especially if you learn that your new tattoo actually conveys a different meaning than you thought. Avoid being in this unfortunate situation by taking the time to research and choose the right Kanji tattoo designs BEFORE you get the tattoo.

Here are the three important things to consider before letting your tattoo artist put a Japanese symbol on you.

Where Kanji Tattoo Designs Came From

The Kanji writing style originated in ancient China, but was then adopted by the Japanese. Over the centuries, the Kanji character set went through several changes in pronunciation, translation and appearance until it became what it is today. There are actually around 50,000 characters in this writing system, but only 2,000 of them are commonly used in body art designs. Both tattoo artists and enthusiasts are often intrigued by this kind of style, which is why it continues to be one of the most top-rated designs ever to be introduced in the tattoo industry.

Every Kanji Character Has a Meaning

Just like any other symbol or pattern, Kanji tattoo designs carry a deeper meaning related to its characters. So, if youíre thinking of having a symbol engraved upon your body, see to it that you do an intensive research about its meaning and select a character that best describes yourself. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself well with your chosen symbol so youíll know if the brushstrokes in your tattoo design are correct.

Kanji Tattoo Designs Are Meant to Express Yourself

One unfortunate issue with these designs is that you can easily find them everywhere, but theyíre mostly used in the wrong context. Thousands of people probably have Kanji characters tattooed on themselves, but thereís a great possibility that they donít even know what their tattoos really stand for. You can almost conclude that looking cool and mysterious are their main objectives for getting these body arts.

While Kanji tattoo designs are very effective ways to reconnect with ancient history, one must realize that itís actually meant to help you find your own individuality. This is why when itís time to choose a character, you should think of a word that will sum you up as a person. Itís okay if you want to project a certain image, but remember to stay true to yourself and pick a symbol that really speaks to you. This way, youíll know you have used the body art of Kanji the way it was intended.

Now that youíre well-aware of what Kanji tattoo designs are made for, itís time to go and search for the perfect character for you. Donít forget to apply the tips youíve read in this article and respect the symbols of this Japanese writing system.


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