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Traditional Fairy Tattoo

Fairy tattoos are a fairly recent development and they represent a certain range of interests or way of thinking. A fairy tattoo design can be cute and rather precious, like something out of a children’s book, but fairies are not as innocent as they look.

Fairy Tattoo DesignFairy tattoos have a nostalgic appeal for those who remember childhood fondly and wish to keep the images of childhood part of their lives on an ongoing basis. In that sense, fairy tattoos are a symbol of our youth.

The fairy is a female mythological figure that has magical powers and originates from Celtic mythology. Usually they are small, beautiful creatures with transparent wings, a green dress and a human appearance.

They live in wonderland and can take people there as well. According to legend, there is little consensus regarding how big fairies were, and how human-like they were in form. The small, Tinkerbell-type fairy is only one interpretation.


The supernatural powers of the fairy include:

Small Fairy Tattoo

The origins of fairies are not very clear, there are several beliefs of what fairies really are:

Fairy Wing TattooLike I told you, not all fairy tattoos are as innocent as they look. Fairies have a touch of evil, a dark side – in fact, these mythical creatures are far more likely to be mischievous or even fearsome. Among medieval societies fairies were feared.

According to legend fairies would do things like:

In short, they were to be respected and feared. So while there are some pretty and cute fairy tattoos, there are also evil fairy tattoos that are decidedly Gothic in tone and appearance.

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Tattoos of fairies blend well with other tattoo designs and these can create a delicate and pretty set of tattoo images – very feminine. Here are some of the most popular design combinations:

Fairy Flower Tattoo

Cute Fairy TattooThe fairy tattoo design appeals to a wide variety of people and they can represent a variety of lifestyles. They are very feminine of course and they add a touch of I'm-cute-but-don't-mess-with-me.

Fairy tattoos can be large or small, black or colourful, happy or sad, cute or evil.

A lone fairy tattoo on an upper arm or ankle is a nice, subtle tattoo. It’s quite unobtrusive, but more individualistic – even quirky - than many other feminine tattoo designs.

When talking about fairy art, it's hard not to mention Amy Brown, a popular American fairy artist, whose watercolour drawings enjoy some popularity as a tattoo design.

Fairy tattoos are perhaps not common enough to be called a trend - but they do have a fair following.

Pixie And Tinkerbell Tattoos

Pixie TattooPixies are mythical creatures with pointed eyes and ears, green clothing and a pointed hat.

Pixies originate from Celtic folklore, just like fairies. They like to play tricks on people, by stealing and throwing things at them. There are 2 theories about their origin:

J. M. Barrie's Tinkerbell, from the novel Peter Pan, is sometimes described as being a pixie, but she is actually a fairy. Her looks were made immortal by Disney's Peter Pan movie.

Pixie and Tinkerbell tattoos enjoy a certain popularity the last decade or so.

Celebrities with Fairy Tattoos

Britney Fairy Tattoo

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