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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

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Koi fish tattoosKoi fish tattoos are as varied and as popular as the animal they represent. Koi tattoo designs are often combined with splashing water, cherry blossom and lotus flowers.

Koi fish are a species of carp (Koi is the Japanese word for carp) that are specially bred to have wild, brilliant color schemes. Originally a ravenous pet species that stirred up silt in waterways, the Japanese have inbred them and turned them into gemlike marvels.

The general symbolic meaning of koi and koi tattoos is good luck.

Interestingly, the Japanese assign different symbolic meanings to the fish depending upon the way it behaves, either in the pond or in the wild.

The Chinese, on the other hand, have a very special interpretation of koi fish in general.

Koi fish tattoo          Japanese koi fish tattoo

The Japanese word Koi translates as carp, but also as love, therefore koi fish are a symbol of love (the kind of love you have for your lover, not for your parents for example).

In Japan, the koi as a symbol is very masculine. When a son is born in Japan, flags with koi fish images are displayed. Nowadays, koi tattoos are popular amongst men as well as women.

Since they are considered to be extremely energetic, koi fish tattoo designs usually have very lively colours and lots of movement. The koi fish is powerful enough to fight river currents and swim against the stream in order to reach its food sources or spawning grounds.

There are a few ways that this power can be interpreted:

Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

The Koi or "dragon fish" is the king of fish and holds special significance in China. The legend says:

Any carp able to climb to the Dragon Gate along the Yellow River will be transformed into a dragon.

As such, the koi has become symbolic of aspiration for lofty goals and dreams.

Koi tattoosSharing much of its imagery with the Japanese for the koi's strength and determination, the Chinese koi is also associated with life-long good fortune. Koi tattoo art will bring you wealth and abundance. Since koi can eat a hefty portion of their body weight every day, they were expensive to keep. The wealthier one was, the more koi one could afford to have.

More often than not koi tattoos are very large tattoos, with intricate shading and colours to depict their rainbow of scales and their strong swimming motion against the current.

Koi fish tattoos are popular for the back and both shoulders, or as a sleeve tattoo. Their backgrounds are often as spectacular as the fish itself: with crashing water, suns and moons, and even lotus petals floating along.

The imagery these animals evoke in koi tattoos speaks, without any doubt, through the centuries.

Pisces Tattoos

Koi fish designs are also used in zodiac tattoos, more specifically in Pisces tattoos (pisces is the Latin word for fish). People born between February 20 and March 20 are considered Pisces.

Pisces symbolThe Pisces symbol has 2 curved lines facing each other. In Pisces tattoo designs, the curved lines are usually replaced by 2 koi fish.

Some Koi Tattoo Ideas

Here's a list with Koi varieties that can help you get ideas for your koi tattoo:


Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

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