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Kokopelli tattoosKokopelli (aka Kokopilau) is a fertility deity, usually pictured as a hunchbacked flute player.  He was worshipped in the Southwest of the United States by several Native American tribes like the Hopi. Kokopelli tattoos have a certain popularity nowadays as a way for someone to express his or hers Southwestern identity or interest in Native American tribal cultures.

As a Native American symbol, there are plenty of stories that encompass Kokopelli, but most are up for interpretation and they vary based on region. Kokopelli is the bearer of fertility and agriculture,  but is also thought that he is the trickster god and is a bit mischievous.

Kokopelli is a symbol for fertility and renewal on many different levels going from childbirth to crops and seasons. He turns winter into spring and is responsible for babies being born.

Kokopelli tattoos are a symbol of renewal, of a new phase in life...

The first known Kokopelli images go back to somewhere between AD 750 and AD 850. They were found on pottery of the Hohokam, one of the first inhabitants of Southern Arizona.

Here are some of the theories of Kokopelli's origins:

Kokopelli Sun TattooRegardless of your exact idea of Kokopelli, there are plenty of ways that you can easily and happily add a dramatic appearance to any Kokopelli tattoo without much trouble. 

Combining the image with another element is quite common.  Some of the most common images that are combined include the sun, an animal such as a ram or deer, and tribal tattoos

Kokopelli Tattoo Designs

Kokopelli TattooWith the exact appearance of Kokopelli unknown, it is virtually impossible to create a standard image and this includes tattoo designs as well. This leaves you with a wide variety of freedom in attempting to decide exactly how your Kokopelli tattoo should look including size, design and color.

Trying to design your own Kokopelli tattoo is a process that you are likely to find highly personal. While some people think that dark colors are suitable for the image, others prefer to design the tattoo around the bright colors that they enjoy the most.  Regardless of the colors that you choose, you can have a bit of freedom with the actual artwork that you choose for the basis of the tattoo.


Kokopelli TattooWhile traditionally Kokopelli had been depicted bent over playing the flute, many designs lately have featured him standing up, with the flute pointed towards the sky, rather than the ground.  This is only a matter of preference and just provides some example of the different ways that the tattoo design can be customized to fit your personality and desires perfectly.

Your ultimate tattoo will be something that is still consistent with the Native American symbols, as well as uniquely your own. In short, Kokopelli tattoos have the benefit of being widely recognizable, unique and full of spiritual meaning at the same time.

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