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313 Things To Know About Kanji Tattoo DesignsMore and more tattoo enthusiasts are choosing Kanji tattoo designs...More
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22Will Hangover II be delayed?Lawsuit over tattoo threatens release of 'Hangover II'More
21TattoosA negative article from the New York Times!More
20Tattoo Meanings - AnimalsBefore you make a decision to get a certain animal tattooed on your body, you might want to know what specific animals symbolize.More
19Kat Von D 2011 Clothing Line Sneak-PeekThe internationally known tattoo artist Kat Von D is taking her skills to another level, into the designing area. Kat Von D has decided to design her own clothing line which will be launched worldwide this fall but until then here's a sneak-peek...More
18Geisha, Maiko or OiranThere should never be any problem with mistaking an Oiran or Tayuu for a Geisha or Maiko! The differences are very pronounced and recognizable. For those who are still confused though...More
17Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo Number 5Tattoos are uber-popular among celebrities and it seems that Miley Cyrus is no stranger to them as she has gotten her fifth tattoo. Her no.5 tattoo seems to be inspired by the love for her siblingsMore
16Hot Celebrity Tattoos 2011The hot celebrity tattoos 2011 will provide you with loads of inspiration...More
15Hello Kitty Tattoo DesignsYou just can't get enough of the Hello Kitty craze...More
14When a Former Life BeckonsTattoo regret or affirmation?More
13Christian and Religious TattoosDesigns and their meaningsMore
12Cherry Blossom TattoosDesigns and their meaningsMore
11All the Body's a StageCeleb Tattoo RemovalMore
10Spiritual TattoosExpressing the Sacred Self With TattoosMore
9Modern TattoosQuest For Deeper MeaningMore
8Cover-up TattoosIs it Time to Rethink Your Ink?More
7Tattoo - Joke?A Jack Handey joke :-)More
6The Dragon TattooThe most well known and most popular mythical creature depicted in tattoos is the Japanese dragon. It is more popular than any of the other mythical creatures, such as the phoenix, mermaid or gryphonsMore
5Creating A Work Of ArtDeciding on getting a tattoo itself involves several steps and a personMore
4Are Tattoos Addictive?Short article on why I think tattoos may be addictive, plus some other thoughts on my foray into the wonderful world of tattoos including what my current ones areMore
3The YakusaThe Yakuza are believed to be one of the largest organized crime phenomena in the world and have been around longer than the Sicilian MafiaMore
2Temporary Tattoos - The New Fashion AccessoryTemporary Tattoos may have started out as a bit of a fad but now...More
1The Meaning Of Japanese TattoosThe most used Japanese tattoo motifs with an explanation of their meaningsMore

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